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Why should you redesign

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We live in a fast paced world and to keep up we need to be willing to change constantly and evolve. Your audience’s first impression of your business is usually based on your website, so redesigning your website with website design companies is an important decision to make. It may mean that additional budget is required, but in the long run the advantages of upgrading your website will outweigh the initial disadvantage.


“Redesign” doesn’t mean that you need to change every part of your existing website; it simply means that certain aspects of your website may not be working for you anymore and these need to be changed. This could be a matter of refreshing content or adding new, high quality photos.



We offer all web design, graphic design, hosting services that will get your business online from start to finish. We start with the basics of creating your corporate identity – from logo design, business card design and letterhead design. Once we have your approval to move forward, we would then commence on your website design. Here we design all the elements of your website from structure of the content to the layout of the navigation, images, social links and so on. The web design process takes anything from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your website.



Often it’s required to update the website look & feel in order to keep visitors feeling as though you’re keeping pace with the industry. If you have a lot of repeat customers and they engage with your website regularly, they may be getting bored with the look of your website.


Most companies adjust their marketing goals periodically and so it’s a good idea to check that your website is still aligned with your latest marketing campaigns.


Making sure that your website actually WORKS! This may sound like an obvious point, but it shouldn’t be over-looked. It’s important that users can easily access information such as contact details, business hours and specials, so as not to deter them from using your website.


If you do not have a responsive website, you are most likely losing leads as most people now search for information on their mobile devices. This is a recommendation that all website design companies will make.


If your website is old and you have embedded third-party tools, such as shopping cart widgets, these will no longer be inline with modern standards and trends. This can drive customers away as it may become hard-to-use. Outdated tools will never appeal to your visitors.


Your website shouldn’t take more than five seconds to load; if it does then this is a sign that it’s time to update. Visitors will become frustrated if your website is taking too long to load and eventually look elsewhere for the information they desire.